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A new approach to the leasing process is rapidly emerging. As a multifamily owner, developer or manager, have you considered how your business could evolve to capitalize on this new technology?

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Sidewalk to Sofa

Dwelo Self Touring lets prospects navigate your full community all from one app. That includes unit access as well as community access points like gyms and pools.


ID Verification

Welcome new prospects by keeping your communities secure. Id Verification allows you and your residents to sleep safe at night.


Setup and Managed by Dwelo

As all things Dwelo, we make the implementation and fulfillment of smart apartment technology a simple and seamless experience while leveraging best-in-class partnerships. This means you get the best solution and we take care of all setup, training and billing for your community.


Boost Occupancy

Self tours have shown a 300% increase in showings and an 86% increase in closings compared to guided tours. We estimate reducing the time a unit sits vacant by 20%


Leasing Agent Portal

Keep track of prospects and their tour data with Dwelo's integrated leasing agent portal.



Dwelo Self Touring is integrated with major property management platforms like Real Page and Yardi.

The multifamily housing market continues to be a thriving and dynamic industry even in the face of broader macroeconomic and health concerns such as Covid-19. One reason for this resiliency has been the emergence of self tour technology and workflows that give property managers, leasing agents and prospects more options for marketing the benefits of multifamily community living. When approached carefully and deliberately, the benefits of self tours can include lower costs, faster lease ups for new developments and overall higher occupancy rates.

Self Tours Capture Off Hours Traffic

The key advantage of a self tour over a virtual tour is the ability of the prospective resident to see the community first-hand by themselves at a time that is convenient for them - whether or not the leasing office is open. The question for property managers and leasing agents is how to ensure they are comfortable allowing someone on to their property without physically being there as well. Because for leasing agents, being on site helps to limit liability, ensure the prospects don’t get lost and ensure they have all their questions answered. The way self touring can mitigate these risks however is through ID verification, securing a damage deposit prior to the tour and including engaging content such as interactive maps, videos and pictures in the self touring app.

How Self Touring Works

Though there can be several variations, in general a self guided tour consists of the following steps:
  1. A prospect schedules a tour time on your community website that is convenient for them (even if during off hours)
  2. A software workflow presented to the prospect (or in some cases the leasing agent does this manually) validates the ID of the prospect in order to approve them to come and tour a unit on their property
  3. A damage deposit is collected and terms are agreed to through an app
  4. The prospect is given a temporary code to use for accessing the community and unit
  5. The prospect tours the community and unit on their own (they’ll either be given a map of the community from the leasing agent or it will appear in the app)
  6. After the tour is over, the app directs the prospect to apply for the unit

Self Tours Augment Your Leasing Process

While self touring technology can help your leasing agents do their job better, it is not intended to replace the role of your community leasing staff. Leasing is an emotional process with several significant implications for prospects. Because emotions can swing quickly for or against your community, frequent touch points with prospective residents, in addition to self touring technology, will keep a prospect engaged and facilitate a lease signing.

What The Future Holds

As this technology evolves it is not hard to envision a world where the leasing process is dramatically different from many of the historical norms we’ve been accustomed to. But like any technology that comes along, it takes time, refinement and education to mature as a new operational standard. That said, as a group of passionate individuals working on new technologies, we partner with multifamily owners and developers to help them navigate this complexity and can provide specific recommendations for partners and providers in each area to ensure that the transition for your business is smooth and ultimately achieves your ROI goals.

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A majority of our prospective renters will undoubtedly be interested and want to participate in self -guided tours. It makes apartment viewing quick, safe, flexible, and it gives our future renters the space and freedom to view their future home at their own pace and on their schedule.

Crystal Bledsoe

National Multifamily Asset Manager at The Howard Hughes Corporation

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