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Dwelo Chosen to Continue Service for Vivint Multifamily

With a renewed dedication to the single family market, Vivint encourages their multifamily customers to transition their smart apartments to Dwelo.

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Why Vivint Chose Dwelo

Focus on Multifamily

Since its formation six years ago, Dwelo has been focused solely on serving the multifamily industry.

Best-In-Class Smart Technology Experience

Dwelo’s platform integrates with the world’s most trusted hardware and software brands.

Trusted Partner

Over 100 ownership groups trust Dwelo to solve their problems, deliver on their commitments, and add real asset value.


Dwelo Chosen to Continue Service for Vivint Multifamily

Vivint is no longer bringing new contracts onto its multifamily platform. They’ve formed a new partnership with Dwelo to continue serving their existing customers. As Vivint’s exclusive transition partner, Dwelo will be the new home for many Vivint multifamily customers, growing its portfolio to over 100 thousand units...

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